Thursday, January 1, 2009


" Without struggles there is no progress," & i honestly can say that everyone lives by that phrase. My daughter has gone through so much & she's taking a few steps foward, which is such a positive thing from a nicu mothers point of view. Last night she weighed 3lb 12oz & the occupational therapist came in yesterday to assest her and is saying she is doing pretty well with her pacifier. The OT is going to come back tommorow to attempt to bottle her. Over the past few days, she has went from the SI-PAP, C-PAP, high flow nasal cannula, & to a regular nasal cannula. She is currently on 1 liter & 21% on the oxygen. 91 days & countin'. We're patiently waiting for her to come home. In the meantime we're working on her babyshower! We're throwing it on the 31st of this months & hopefully she'll be coming home in the next few weeks. I'm excited! :)

Friday, December 26, 2008


-- She is Currently 1615 grams, She is currently 3lb & 9oz. She was back on the Si-PAP & then C-PAP for two days but she got off and went back to the high flow nasal canula today. She was on about 25% oxygen. She is currently still on 28 cc's & loving it because she's taking in all her feeds. Her head size is about 28.5. Jordans ventricles have enlargened & they're tapping her every other day. Her tummy measures 25.5! She enjoys her pacifier :) so hopefully that'll help along the way with her feedings once they start her on the bottles. Nothing felt better then being able to hold and kiss her for these past few days. Let's just hope once she gets the shunt in, she'll progress and come home to us.
BABYSHOWER; January 31st 2oO9 HOOOOooRAY!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008



She did well on the nasal canula for about 10 hours but had to be put back on C-PAP. Of course, it's just the NICU pattern like i've explained. Two steps foward, three steps back! She is on a rate of 20 & on 21% oxygen which is basically room air. She is Currently 3 lbs 4oz and 16 1/2 inchs long. She's not doing too bad at all, im STOKED. I hope she gets back on the high flow nasal canula soon, either way im proud of her.

Didnt get to spend too much time with her today due to the fact that i've worked 8 hours, finished xmas shopping, and had to take care of Devin. I'm sure she'll be okay, they have wonderful nurses at the lbmcc nicu.

I'm getting a little irritated, it seems like her primary nurse hasnt been working much. Maybe theres a reason for that? We semi carry a relation with the nurse because both of her daughters are being coached by my uncle and participate in his volleyball league, also.. because my uncle works with her mother. It's annoying & not only because she should be taking care of jordan but because she voluntarily wanted to be jordans primary nurse. I'm sure she has no clue what's going on with jordan now.. blah, i'm just a little bitter i suppose?

In conclusion, i think the babyshower will be held on the 7th of feb or 31st of jan. I'm still in the works of her invites and figuring out the theme we'll be having.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I found out i was pregnant at 8 weeks & it was totally umplanned. This was of course, my second pregnancy and with my first pregnancy i went into early labor and delivered her brother, vaginally at 25 weeks & 1 day. We named him Devin Malakai English & he was 1lb 11oz & 14 inch's long. I went into early labor with Jordan at 22 weeks [Sept 22nd], and were admitted into the womens hospital at the LBMMC and remained on strict bed rest. Strict bed rest meant no leg usage for two entire weeks, i received no window privelage, disgusting hospital food, and using the restroom in a bed pan. I was definitely dreading to the extent only because i missed my son so much, but i knew i had to tough it out for his sister. To be considered viable, she had to hit the 24 week mark. At midnight on the 24th week i was fully dialated and she was breeched. I had no choice but to deliver by an emergency c-section. I, of course was freaking out and not ready for the operation. While being rolled into the OR i was shaking terribly to where it almost seemed as if i were having a seizure. On October 2, 2008 @ 4:02am , Jordan arrived weighing 1lb 3oz & 13inch's long (: I didnt get to see my daughter until the next day. She was so little and so precious! I knew some of the NICU staff's already because Devin practically lived there for 4 months. I was familiarized with the rollercoaster we were heading into. With the NICU, it was always a pattern.. one step foward, three step back. Weeeeeell, that was definitely the case! She was doing pretty well, basically on room air with a little support back to a different machine with lots of support. She was diagnosed with a grade 4 bleed and hydrocephalus. Hydrocephalus is usually due to blockage of cebral spinal fluid outflow in the ventricles or in the subarchnoid space over the brain causing her head to grow irregulary and filled with fluid. She has a subgaleal reservoir temporarily to release the fluid by being tapped by the neurologist. She is currently on a rate of 28 & is on 21% oxygen. She is 1410grams & is 3lb 2oz. The neurosurgeon is definitely looking foward to give her the actual permanent shunt so everything would be drained automatically. Today is currently the 77th day which makes it 10 weeks! Right now, it's currently a waiting game!
Explanation of Pictures --
1. Jordans Birth Tag (: [I shall post Devins too, when i get the oppurtunity]
2. Incubator, Jordans temporary home/belly. 40thousand dollar toy that frequently acts up.
3. Giraffe Omnibed [Incubators manufacturer]
4. Monitor, to monitor her and make sure she's not desating. [Desat; A reduction of the level of oxygen in the blood.] The first number shows her heart-rate, the second shows her oxygen level, and the third is basically the infusion in her body.
5. The pump that they provide her meds & formula.
Surgeries --
Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) The most common heart problem in premature babies. Before birth, much of the fetus's blood bypasses the lungs through a passageway, the ductus arteriosus. This passageway normally closes soon after birth. If it doesn't close, too little blood flows into the lungs, making the heart work harder. In some cases, drug treatment can help close the passageway. If that doesn't work, surgery may be necessary.
& the Subgaleal Shunt which will be removed in a few days for the actual VP SHUNT.
Babyshower --
We're planning her babyshower pretty soon, i'm ecstatic. I hope everyone shows up! (:
Please, keep her in your prayers. <3